Wreath Making 101 : Wreath Forms

Greetings friends ! Wreaths are great for the holidays but they have become so commonplace that they aren’t just for the holidays any more ! And I am so thankful for that ! Wreaths have become an amazing way to express yourself just a bit while at the same time dress up your front door. If you’re considering a DIY wreath then you’ll have some decisions to make as to what type of base you want to start with. Here, we’ll go through some of the different types of bases that are used to make wreaths.

There are many different types of common wreath forms and bases and all are readily available at most craft stores. Wire forms, wire work forms, evergreen bases, grapevine bases and extruded foam just to name a few. Deciding what type of wreath will determine what type of base you start with.

As I use a lot of deco mesh in my wreaths, I tend to lean toward wire forms and evergreen bases. There are many different options for evergreen bases. If you make a lot of wreaths then it’s always a great idea to buy them right after Christmas when they're on clearance and stock up when they’re on sale as they can sometimes get pricey especially if you want to purchase colored bases. One advantage of the evergreen bases are that they seem to be the most stable of bases so if you’re using attachments that are a bit heavy then they are the way to go, in my opinion. They come in several different sizes ranging anywhere from 10” to 22” and in variety of different types of materials such as pine, fir and spruce. They are available in many different craft outlets both brick and mortar and online and you can also purchase them at places like Walmart and Home Depot during their seasonal shopping times. The evergreen bases are my personal favorite to work with as I think they are the easiest to work with. They are perfect for working with deco mesh and make a very full and lush wreath and you can even get them flocked or with lighting if you choose.

Wire forms are another good option and come in one of two ways. You can buy the work forms that already have tinsel ties attached to them or you can simply buy the wire frames and attach chenille stems in whatever colors that you choose which is the less expensive option but more work. Wire frames also come in flat flames or raised frames where each wire is on a different level. The raised frame gives you a fuller wreath when using deco mesh as it gives it a sort of 3D feel because your mesh is at different levels. They come in a variety of different sizes ranging in 2” increments from 10 “ and going up to 20”. These forms are commonly used for deco mesh as they are quite economical and easy to work with. You can also branch out a bit and get the wire forms in different shapes including Christmas trees, candy canes and crosses to name a few.

Extruded wreath forms are a great choice if you want to do a floral wreath or want something simple by using something to wrap the foam and attach whatever you choose like a bow or florals. While the foam forms are versatile and lightweight they can be a bit pricey and don’t hold up as well as other types of forms.

And finally, we have grapevine bases. These are my go-to's when not working with deco mesh. They are a great start to a floral wreath and you can use a lot of the same materials that you use when making a deco mesh wreath. Grapevines come in many different sizes and shapes and you can sometimes find the odd shapes like hearts but the most common shapes are round and oval. Some pros to using a grapevine base are that they are quite sturdy and hold up to what you are attaching and they are very economical. The only downside to using a grapevine base is that they can be messy to work with but that is a minor inconvenience. Grapevine bases can be purchased at places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels quite reasonably. You can find them online also but shipping usually is usually high so it cancels out your savings and then some.

So, there you have it. I hope that these tips have given a little guidance on a few of the options that are available for the first step in wreath making. If you have others tips and suggestions, I would love for you to comment ! Until next time .....

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