Wreath Making Advice and Tips for Beginners

Being intrigued by wreaths was the catalyst for starting my wreathmaking business and opening my Etsy Shop. While I am self taught in the sense that no one actually showed me how to make wreaths, searching the internet and watching videos from wreathmakers on Facebook and YouTube was a huge help to me in learning what techniques to use, what materials to use and the ins and outs of how to make a wreath in general. Here we'll discuss some great tips for those who a just beginning their wreathmaking journey.

One of the first and most important things is to avoid trying to make anything too complicated until you have your feet underneath you and get a grasp of the many different ways there are to make wreaths. Keep it simple so that you aren't overwhelmed. The more overwhelmed that you get, the more frustrated you'll get and you'll want to give up. So, keep it easy to keep from abandoning your wreathmaking and to keep your frustrations under control. The wreath below is a very simple deco mesh wreath on a 14" wire frame. I used only one type of multi color deco mesh for the base. I added a very simple wood sign and used 3 coordinating ribbons to finish it off then added two pumpkins. Very pretty but very easy to make and it sold quickly.

Second, and something that is also very important, is to use quality materials. While places like Dollar Tree and Dollar Store have a lot of craft making materials, they aren't of great quality so you get what you play for and I'm not a big fan. However, If you want to get these products to practice, that might be a good idea because if you make a mistake you're not out a lot of money. When I talk about quality products, I mean from base to embellishments. You'll want to get quality frame material, deco mesh, picks/sprays, signs/attachments and especially ribbon. In my opinion, a good quality ribbon is one of the most important components of a wreath. Cheap ribbon crinkles, doesn't hold up and doesn't lay well and that is critical if you want your end result to look good. Another thing that is very important is to use a good glue. I personally use Gorilla hot glue and have never been disappointed. You never want your designs to fall apart so this is also critical. If you want to make something for yourself that is of better quality, I would look to the more established craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels or you can shop online in a variety of places like Craft Outlet, The Wreath Shop or Trendy Tree just to name a few.

When creating your design, make it step by step and don't get ahead of yourself and try to do too much at once. For example, if you are making a deco mesh wreath, prepare your frame completely and then add your deco mesh completely. Then, add any ribbon tails and/or bows. Finally, then decide where you want your other embellishments like signs, florals or picks to go. Designing in an orderly fashion will prevent you from making mistakes and having to take your wreath apart to start over. Once you get to a point where you are ready to put your embellishments on your wreath, place everything where you want it and make sure the placement is exactly as you want it before you glue it. As most of us know, once it's glued that's it and that is especially true with deco mesh wreaths as once something is glued to it, it is very difficult to remove without damaging your embellishment and it most certainly damages the deco mesh which would most likely have to be completely replaced.

And finally, we can't forget that you need to have the right tools in order to make a wreath. I mentioned to make sure that good glue is used so that obviously means that you need a glue gun and a good one is a valuable tool and something that is a must. You also need a very good pair of scissors which is also a must. A few other things that are really important are a quality rotary cutter, a pair of wire cutters, a cutting board that has measurements printed on it, needle nose pliers are also a plus and good lighting has also been a huge help for me personally.

While there are may things that go into wreath making, these are just a few insights that help someone in the beginning stages of learning the how-to's. Stay tuned for more tips !!

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